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Student Profiles

"[Through Collegetown LeaderShape], I met a lot of motivated people who have inspired me to be a better person."
Ramses Long
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Ramses's Story

“Baltimore is full of people with enormous potential who never got the opportunity to succeed because of a litany of socioeconomic issues that plague our city,” says Ramses.

Ramses wants Baltimore youth to be aware of the social forces impacting their neighborhoods so they can be active in their communities to do something about it. Ramses’ vision is to create Baltimore City-based mentoring programs in which area college students would meet with high school students to discuss social issues and foster academic success.

“I was fortunate to have teachers and supporters who helped me become the person I am today. I feel compelled to provide assistance to those in need in the city because I didn’t have much growing up.”

After graduation, Ramses plans to attend medical school and become an oncologist. His experience with Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has taught him that he wants to stay involved with the nonprofit sector. He’s impressed with what nonprofit leaders can accomplish in their communities.