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Student Profiles

"The excitement of the program was truly contagious. I gained a fresh perspective by collaborating with such a diverse crowd."
Irina Tiper
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Hometown: Rockville, MD

Irina's Story

“Baltimore gave me the opportunity to grow and learn and, in doing so, found a place in my heart,” says Irina. “Naturally, I want to give back to the city.”

A molecular medicine doctoral student, Irina is interested in pursuing a career in cancer immunotherapy. After participating in Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape, Irina was motivated to better understand the socioeconomic determinants of health outcomes in Baltimore. She began by delving into the data on cancer rates. She found that cancer rates vary within the city, suggesting that different neighborhoods are subject to different risk factors.

Her vision is to make patient-centered healthcare accessible to all Baltimore residents. Baltimore is home to top-ranking hospitals, yet many city residents face challenges when it comes to accessing medical care. ”Creating pathways to more accessible healthcare will mean that Baltimore’s residents can benefit from the city’s state-of-the-art treatment centers.”