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Student Profiles

Dijonee Chester Collegetown LeaderShape Class Five
"I've met amazing people, who I like personally and socially, and they’ve brought a new perspective to my vision, for myself and Baltimore."
Dijonee' Chester
Coppin State University
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Dijonee''s Story

Getting involved in community service is second nature for Dijonee’ Chester.  During her time at Coppin she has volunteered with the Boys & Girls Club, My Daily Bread, and My Sisters Place—to name a few.

Reflecting on her volunteer experiences in Baltimore, Dijonee’ realized a dire need in many communities and an opportunity: to support and encourage young men who may not have a positive male influence in their lives. Her vision is to establish mentoring programs for male college students at every Baltimore college and university.

Dijonee’ received the support, structure, and confidence she needed from the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program to develop a vision that is both meaningful for her and one that will help make Baltimore communities stronger. “The students and non-profit professionals I’ve met through LeaderShape continue to direct me to programs and opportunities that can help make my vision a reality.”

One opportunity Dijonee’ discovered is THREAD, an organization that engages at-risk high school students by pairing each student with a family of volunteers. She and two students from Johns Hopkins make up the family group that is assigned to a first-year student at Frederick Douglass High School. She and her family group support the student through school and home visits.