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Student Profiles

Cindy Jian
"My vision is to improve the neighborhood around the Reservoir Hill area by beautifying it and uniting families through a mural painting at John Eager Howard Recreation Center."
Cindy Jian
Maryland Institute College of Art
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cindy's Story

When the John Eager Howard Recreation Center decided to update the center's mural, the center staff contacted the Community Arts Partnership (CAP) at the Maryland Institute College of Art. CAP interns Tom Doyle and Cindy Jian were asked to create a new mural to engage and inspire students who attend the center's after school programs.

After participating in Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape, Tom and Cindy were excited to take on the challenge. Both have a vision to promote community engagement through the arts in Baltimore.

Tom and Cindy began by teaching weekly art workshops for the students to develop topics for the mural and to garner interest. After weeks of drawing, they chose the topic, What I Like to do at the John Eager Recreation Center. The mural shows a cutout of the inside of the building where kids draw, paint, learn computer skills and play drums, and it shows the outside where kids go on swings and play basketball.

Tom and Cindy applied and received funding from a school grant to complete their project. They spent 25 hours over the course of a week painting and they presented the completed mural to the center.