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Student Profiles

Salar Khaleghzadegan
"To be successful leaders, we learned that it is essential for us to step out of our comfort zones and collaborate with individuals who are from diverse backgrounds and discipline areas."
Salar Khaleghzadegan
Hometown: Owings Mills, MD

Salar's Story

Salar Khaleghzadegan wants to remove the barriers that prevent many in Baltimore from leading a healthy life. Salar is interested in a career in medicine, health policy, and social justice. His experiences with the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program and the non-profit organization Health Leads have inspired him to be part of a movement to address health disparities that are present in Baltimore and across the nation.

Salar volunteers as an advocate with Health Leads at St. Agnes Hospital. He connects low-income patients with basic resources such as food, insurance, utility assistance, and housing. He enjoys getting to know his clients on a personal level and he is ever mindful of the social hurdles his clients face on a daily basis. One obstacle that leads to many health problems is the lack of access to healthy foods. Salar is troubled by the food deserts across Baltimore.