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Student Profiles

Siobhan OBrien
"It was wonderful to be around people who are so motivated to make a difference in not only Baltimore but the world."
Siobhan O'Brien
Loyola University Maryland
Hometown: Reading, MA

Siobhan's Story

Siobhan O'Brien thinks Baltimore can learn a lot from its men and women with intellectual disabilities. Through the Loyola chapter of Best Buddies, Siobhan met and formed a friendship with her buddy, Tracy.

She visits with Tracy during monthly socials for the buddies, they talk on the phone and they attended a Loyola basketball game. Before Siobhan joined Best Buddies, she had never worked with the adult population with disabilities. Unsure of what to expect, she found the buddies welcoming and open to friendships. They take any opportunity to give a hug or share a story.

After her experience with Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape, Siobhan has a clear vision for Baltimore and the confidence to pursue it. She wants to raise awareness of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So often adult members of the community with intellectual disabilities are ignored or seem invisible. She's starting with an on-campus campaign to end the use of the word, retard: "Spread the Word to End the Word."