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Student Profiles

"A city that has an immeasurable amount of potential and creativity. Baltimore is the home of hustlers and those who have learned how to survive harsh realities of society. My city is a reflection of America 's division, dreaded history and people who are the future leaders to society because of the immeasurable amount of potential"
Savoy Adams Jr
Loyola University Maryland
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Savoy's Story

Savoy became Collegetown fellow because he loves Baltimore and believes this city is full of creative potential. He describes his hometown as a city of innovative hustlers driven to create a better world in spite of the harsh realities they experience. Baltimore is a reflection of America 's division and often untold oppressive history, and he believes the future leaders to restore Baltimore to its full potential can be found right here. 

The Collegetown Fellowship expands his knowledge about the city and  his network of the change makers in the city. Making connections with students from other college students, he has gained new friends and learned the qualities of a social entrepreneur. 

His favorite thing to do in the city is to catch the light rail downtown. He loves to bike all over the city, connecting to friends and family all while seeing the city from a different perspective.