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Student Profiles

Trishia Domingo
"Collegetown LeaderShape has allowed me to speak up more and be more confident overall."
Trishia Domingo
Hometown: Frederick, MD

Trishia's Story

Trishia Domingo’s vision for Baltimore is a city where people can speak freely, discuss and learn about sexual education. She believes comprehensive sexual education programs with an emphasis on consent, a better understanding of available contraceptive methods and STI prevention will lead to richer, fuller lives.

“Many people are very much in the dark when it comes to sexual education,” says Trishia. “I wholeheartedly believe that if people were educated and given correct information, many of the problems Baltimore faces, and the rest of the world, would lower significantly.”

Trishia says her experience with Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has given her more confidence to speak up for what she believes in and always give back to her community.