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Student Profiles

Josh Massey Class 5
"I learned that many social problems go a lot deeper than they seem on the surface. Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape reminded me to not only consider, but to value viewpoints of every member of a community."
Josh Massey
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Josh's Story

During his time at UMBC, Josh Massey has had several opportunities to hone his leadership skills. An internship with greeNEWit, a local energy efficiency company, gave him the opportunity to manage two social programs, Cleats for Bare Feet and OUR Schools. Cleats for Bare Feet’s mission is to collect used soccer equipment and send it abroad to children who need it. “We partnered with business people traveling abroad, church groups, and private citizens to act as our ambassadors. During my time there we were able to share over 7,000 pieces of equipment in over 15 countries,” says Josh. The OUR Schools Program taught STEM-based programs in an after-school  setting to elementary and middle school aged children throughout Maryland. Josh also taught about Ownership Understanding and Responsibility of the planet and energy usage in assembly-style presentations.

Working with children in schools across the state, Josh came to realize that while the students were provided with skills to do well in school, they often times lacked the knowledge and experience to lead and work on a team. Josh’s vision is for youth to have opportunities to learn how to lead themselves and others.

After participating in Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape, Josh is determined to make his vision a reality in Baltimore. “I found a group of people equally motivated to make Baltimore better. All of us see the potential this city has to offer and are working on ways to improve it.”

Today, Josh is the vice president of Ortus Academy, a new after-school coaching and program development company. “Our aim is to provide after-school programming to schools that are unable to afford it, and help find a way to bridge the gap between traditional education and entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, team building, and public speaking.”