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Student Profiles

Bekah Gerwitz
"Collegetown LeaderShape taught me what kind of leader I am and how I can best work with others around me."
Bekah Gerwitz
McDaniel College
Hometown: Westminster, MD

Bekah's Story

Rebekah “Bekah” Gerwitz  chose to join the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape neighborhood revitalization family cluster group. Their fall service project was with Operation Oliver. They helped package and hand out food at the program’s farm stand, and chatted with Oliver neighborhood residents. “It was extremely rewarding to see people go home with free fresh fruits and vegetables to feed their families,” says Bekah.

Afterward, her family cluster group reflected on their service experience. “We felt that it is very important that people are given the tools they need to lead successful lives,” she says. Bekah’s vision is for people who live in poverty to realize that they are not powerless to their situations. Her goal is to give Baltimore residents more access to books and education. “With the right education and dedication, anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Improving literacy is a first step,” says Bekah.

This spring Bekah held a book drive to support the Shepard’s Staff, a Christian outreach and support center in Westminster. She posted flyers, sent campus emails, and got her friends involved. She received an overwhelming response of more than 300 books. When she delivered the books to the Shepard’s Staff, she was gratified to learn that the books will be used during their back to school program in August.