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About the Program

About the Program 

Just 30 students will be selected to participate in a focused, immersive opportunity to learn about Baltimore outside the classroom. In four days, you will deepen your connection with the inspiring community where you live and study. 

Program Schedule:

Day One: Orientation
exploring self-identity, team building, and learning about the area of focus

Day Two: Education
listening to and engaging with community organizations

Day Three: Action
volunteering with community organizations

Day Four: Reflection
staying in action and becoming an advocate

Program Goals

By participating in Collegetown Underground, students will be able to:

  • Understand the perspective of others
  • Understand issues in Baltimore and develop an appreciation for Baltimore and those issues
  • Understand the reciprocal nature of service
  • Understand how to use their skills to create positive social change in their communities
  • Integrate authentically with community agencies


If accepted there is a $100 cost to cover meals and lodging. If you have concerns about the program cost, please contact Molly Hayeslip at 

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