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Collegetown Underground: East Baltimore


About East Baltimore

Collegetown Underground: East Baltimore focuses on how community development is influenced by anchor institutions, ethnic and cultural groups, and nonprofit organizations. Students learn about systemic issues faced by neighborhoods, explore history and culture, and connect with community leaders.

A snapshot of the four-day experience: 

Day One: Orientation
  • Volunteer with Moveable Feast
  • Understanding privilege and spheres of influence
Day Two: Education
  • Understanding the needs of the refugee and immigrant community (Mayor's Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs, Immigrant Outreach Service Center, and Soccer Without Borders)
  • Eager Park project with Mahan Rykiel
  • Community development banking with PNC Bank
  • Southeast Community Development Corporation history and initiatives benefitting East Baltimore residents
  • Tic Tac Typology, a community development simulation led by Stephen Holt
Day Three: Action
  • Volunteer with Living Classrooms Foundation and The 6th Branch
  • Dinner with the East Baltimore Historical Library
  • Screening of RAT FILM, a 2017 Maryland Film Festival selection by Theo Anthony about Baltimore's history of racial segregation and rat infestation
Day Four: Reflection
  • Intention setting and action planning
  • Community organizing 101 with BYOP (Baltimore Youth Organizing Project)
For more:

Read the full report here!

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