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Collegetown Underground: West Baltimore

About West Baltimore

Collegetown Underground in West Baltimore will focus on the neighborhoods at the center of the April 2015 civil unrest. Students spent four days together and learned about the history, culture, assets, leaders, and systemic issues in the neighborhood.

A snapshot of the four-day experience:

Day One: Orientation
  • Baltimore's history presented by Dr. Elizabeth Nix
  • Team building and understanding privilege and spheres of influence
  • Dinner and panel discussion with Baltimore United for Change
Day Two: Education
  • Community development banking with PNC Bank
  • Baltimore Development Corporation, Mayor's office, and Lexington Market
  • Civil rights history tour in Upton with Baltimore Heritage
Day Three: Action
  • Community transformation with Innovation Village
  • Volunteer projects with Jubilee Arts, No Boundaries Coalition, and Strength to Love II Farm
Day Four: Reflection
  • Intention setting and action planning with Baltimore Corps
For more:

Read the full report here!

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