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Off-Campus Housing Resources

Living off-campus in Baltimore?

Check out our list of resources and questions to ask below!

Did you know?

A lease is a legally binding document. All terms written in a lease are the terms and conditions you agree to abide by. It is your responsibility to understand what can happen if you fail to meet the terms of the lease.

Here are some tips to consider before singing a lease:

*Students should be cautioned against entering into a lease if uncertainties exist regarding the start of in-person classes or other academic experiences.

  • Students should be encouraged to ask about flexible lease options and cancellation policies.
  • Students should prioritize living arrangements that promote health and safety.
  • Students should be inquiring about student discounts or flexible options due to the fluidity of COVID-19.
  • Check for virtual tours of properties.

Questions to ask:

  • What are your lease and cancellation policies?
  • Do you have a pause/freeze policy?
  • Can you offer a flexible lease option in case my campus switches to virtual classes and sends students home mid-semester?
  • What is your application fee?
  • What is the security deposit?
  • Is there an option for a short-term lease? What is the length of the short-term lease?
  • What fees are involved in the breaching of a lease?
  • What charges will I be responsible for if I cannot fulfill my lease due to COVID-19?
  • What are you doing to clean or sanitize in between tenants? 
  • Can apartments be placed on hold? Are there options to defer the deposit for a later date?
  • How long can I hold an apartment before making a payment or without making a down payment? 
  • How much money would I forfeit by not fulfilling my lease? 
  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee policy? (ie - can I break the lease if I'm not happy within 30 days without penalty?)
  • Do you have any special deals right now for students? (ie - 1 month free rent with showing my college ID)
  • How much time/notice will I need to provide the landlord/agent if I choose not to move to Baltimore? 

List of Resources:

Where are the colleges located?

Finding the perfect neighborhood 

Finding the best place to rent

Governor's Office Responds To Students Seeking Rebates From Off-Campus Housing


Questions? Contact our friends: