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Alex Neifert

March 13, 2021
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We recently spoke with Alex Neifert a graduate of Goucher College who went on to pursue her law degree from the University of Baltimore. Follow Alex’s journey below as she gives perspective on her experience and advice to current students.

Alex is from Dallas, TX and moved to Baltimore to attend Goucher College. When coming into Goucher she had been interested in becoming a lawyer. However, after her first political science theory class she felt that she could not connect to the major. She instead took classes in things that interested her which led her to major in art history and minor in Spanish. And because law school does not require a political science degree she decided to study and take the LSAT her junior year of college. After applying to schools across the country she was accepted to the program at the University of Baltimore. When she toured the campus, she loved the professors she met and liked the campus.

After law school, her first job was clerking for a judge in the Baltimore City Court. She thought that this was a good start for her career since it allowed her to be around other lawyers working in court. The work was fast-paced and included a lot of research and writing. After this job she worked for two years at a private firm in Towson and in the past year switched to a firm focusing on corporate real estate. This includes litigation and the process of buying and building on land. She does walk-throughs, zoning approvals and oversees the entire process including when disputes arise between neighbors and tenants.

Alex wanted to stay in Baltimore because she felt that she had a great network here which helped to kick-start her career. She felt at peace staying in the city as she had felt so rooted in Baltimore after spending her years in school here. She has lived in Charles Village and the Mount Vernon area where she felt everything was easily accessible.

Though COVID has altered everyone’s world Alex feels fortunate that though her location of work moved to her home she felt that her workflow was not that different. Alex said, “It’s amazing when you can’t be in person, how everyone has so quickly adjusted to doing everything from a distance.” While courts were closed in March through the end of July, she felt it was difficult to keep the cases moving forward. However, though some hearings were rescheduled some were also able to be conducted remotely. And due to COVID many cases relating to evictions, and foreclosures had to be put on hold.

Her workday varies each day which is one of the reasons she loves her job. She tends to start her day with checking her emails and then looking through a running list she keeps by deadline. Sometimes she will have to draft contracts or have hearings in court. With real estate she feels that the field is fast paced with a high volume of customers. She feels that prioritizing and organizing her tasks can feel like a puzzle as she tried to find the best strategy to accomplish her tasks. And while she does the same types of things each day – writing and research it becomes presented in different ways. This allows her to feel fulfilled each day and to keep herself mind stimulated.

From college to the real world she felt really lucky to have an easy transition. The summer after graduation she worked on campus which allowed a little buffer to still be surrounded by people, she was familiar with and felt supported by. She felt that the biggest jump was that she was not living in a dorm and had to pay for rent. Overall Alex felt like it was such an easy transition because she had a great group of friends from college by her side.

Alex left us with some great advice – that it is okay to not have it all figured out. While she was nervous that law school would be four years of classes that she was not passionate about she instead focused on the things that made her happy. She says to “follow what makes you happy.” Everything will begin to fall into place and there is a time to get everything done. But in the long run, you want to be happy in your career. But that is entirely okay to not have it all planned out.

If you have any questions or are interested in connecting with Alex, you can do so here.


Transcribed and written by:

Ava Kemp, Student Ambassador

Goucher College 22'

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