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Marissa Moss

March 13, 2021
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Marissa Moss is currently the Marketing and Promotion Director at the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (DPOB), a local nonprofit organization that serves as the driving force behind the economic development and beautification of downtown.

Born in Prince George’s County, Marissa moved to Baltimore after high school  to attend  Morgan State University.  While at Morgan, Marissa studied Advertising, Public Relations and Media Sales. She knew that she wanted a job that would allow her to be creative and have a career that was fulfilling. As an undergrad, Marissa completed several internships in marketing, event planning, and advertising. Throughout her collegiate career, Marissa stayed busy balancing her internships, her work on campus, and her full-time course load.  

Marissa was able to get away from the college bubble with her internship where she saw how people functioned outside of the campus. She figured that if she stayed and worked in the area, she could be surrounded by people who inspired her and have the opportunity to work on future projects with them.

When asked how her job has shifted since COVID, Marissa responded, “majorly.” Currently she is working to secure funding and other resources for local small  businesses that are hurting.s. When Marissa  hears stories of how some companies have not made it through these difficult times, it motivates her to work harder - for her city, and for her people.

Marissa enjoys her job because her position allows her to respond to the climate surrounding her.   balances many responsibilities at once  - juggling multiple timelines  and project details. In addition to her daily tasks  like emails and project follow-up, she also purchases ads, updates the website, and creates city-wide promotions. Recently, she has also been trying to address the question, “how can we pivot and make these events survive in a COVID climate?”

Marissa is excited about the future - even though she doesn’t know what it will look like yet. When she looks back on the past five years Marissa says she recognizes her tremendous growth, and cannot wait to reap the benefits of her hard work in the future. She feels as if her dream is now within reach, “I can make it what I want it to be.” While at Morgan State she focused on where she wanted to spend her time after trying and experiencing many different areas of advertising and public relations. Marissa feels that she can now focus her attention on things that really interest her within the workplace.

Two things she wishes she would have learned from college to the real world would be common sense and lifestyle budgeting. She wishes she had known how to create healthy habits and be more conscious about her budgeting post-graduation.

Finally, Marissa says, “Keep talking, keep being serious, ask questions, and be open.” This is advice that she gives to college students. She encourages you to make small conversations with new connections and soak up what is going on around you. We are always learning from those around us, so why not engage? Marissa gave us her last words of advice to, “keep talking, keep being serious, ask questions, and be open.”

If you would like to contact Marissa for any questions, you can reach her here.


Transcribed and written by:

Ava Kemp, Student Ambassador

Goucher College 22'

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