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Internship Postings

Basic web support intern

Internship Responsibilities

HealthCare Engagement Consultancy provides health engagement sessions for communities and patients by delivering health education and other resources. The consultancy also provides health service delivery improvement training to health care providers.

This position requires the application of basic web maintenance such as uploading teaching materials and website updates, and minor customer interaction on the website in order to optimize the existing website. Some of the tasks include:

  • Website maintenance/updates for effective use by the community
  • uploading health related pertinent information on the interactive forum
  • Assisting in webinar and conference delivery of health education, if needed

Skill Set Required

This internship does not require a high level of Health IT knowledge but the successful candidate will be someone who is:

  • Comfortable in navigating web-based technologies and has some experience in it
  • Interested in the healthcare sector 
  • Interest in being involved in the improvement of health educational assistance to the general public
  • Reliable and able to deliver assignments on time
  • Highly professional and of strong ethical standards for confidentiality and dependability

Benefits: this is an exciting internship for a motivated individual to be involved in a healthcare start up that is in the forefronts of the healthcare redesign process. You will be working directly with Dr. Kebede with opportunities for growth depending on skills and performance.

Internship Location

Baltimore , MD


Semester: Summer (Jun - Aug)
Year: 2020
Hours per week: 1-10 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No
Authorization Requirements: U.S. Citizen/U.S. National, Permanent U.S. Resident, Employment (H1-Visa)

Application Requirements

Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter, References
Application Instructions

Please send a two paragraphs note indicating why you are interested in this internship.

Please include a reference from at least 1 person who is a non-relative, non-friend, who knows something about your work ethic.

Send: resume (if available) and reference(s) to and address to Dr. Sosena Kebede


707 East Fort Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

About HealthCare Engagement, LLC

Healthcare Engagement, LLC is a healthcare Quality Improvement (QI) company with a focus on community/patient engagement and health service delivery improvement.

It plans to achieve its goals by providing: 

  1. Community/patient empowerment through education, tools and skills for self-management, and active engagement in health service delivery.
  2. Quality improvement training to healthcare providers especially in the areas of patient safety and Patient-Centered Care (PCC) in order to improve service delivery.