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Internship Postings

Biotech lab internship

Internship Responsibilities

The price of insulin has doubled between 2012 and 2016 with the few suppliers of insulin raising prices in near-synchrony. The Open Insulin Foundation is working to create an open-source model for distributed and decentralized insulin manufacturing. 

The Open Insulin Foundation invites applications for summer interns who will work at Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS). Interns will work in the laboratory on molecular cloning and expression of DNA constructs for producing insulin. The internship will run for nine weeks (the week of 6/13/2021 through the week of 8/8/2021). Interns are expected to work for at least twelve hours per week. They are also required to attend Open Insulin community meetings (Sundays at 12 PM PST), a weekly meeting with their intern team and mentor, and a weekly all interns lesson (times will be decided once interns are selected).

Skill Set Required

No research experience is required, but interns should have a strong foundation in biology. Given the independent nature of this program, interns will be expected to be self-responsible and problem-solve under loose guidance. In addition, each week all interns will meet and receive a one hour lecture/class on a topic related to the Open Insulin project. Applicants should be current undergraduate college students who speak English and are able to attend online meetings. If an intern is under 18, they will be required to sign a waiver granting guardian permission upon acceptance into the program.

Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

Biology, biotechnology

Internship Location

Baltimore, MD


Semester: Summer (Jun - Aug)
Year: 2021
Hours per week: 10-20 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: May 15, 2021
Application Instructions Please complete the online application at:


101 N Haven St Suite 105
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

About Baltimore Underground Science Space

BUGSS is a non-profit public laboratory offering classes, seminars, and lab access so that anyone can safely and affordably investigate the living world. By democratizing these technologies we hope to facilitate more nuanced dialogue and exploration of the incredible potential, as well as limitations and ethical issues.