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Internship Postings

Business Analyst Intern

Internship Responsibilities

The total number of employees across the Departments core divisions is 300+. 60% of these employees are retirement ready and or retirement eligible. The BPIO has initiated a multi-year strategy to document all work processes performed in the delivery of our services to ensure there is a capture for the institutional knowledge and process standards. Many of the services we provide either do not follow a true standard or are not rooted in a meaningful performance metric upon which continuous process improvement can be done to asses and guide the enhancement of current service processes or to create new pilot programs to address forecasted conditions or anecdotal challenges. The problem is compounded by processes that rely on the hand to hand shuffle of paper and provide no insight into status, segment or time series analysis on performance. Implementation of phase 3 of this work cannot be done without an updated cataloging and evaluation of all agency processes and the business process documentation to capture the workflows current state and opportunities.


Team Member Expectations & Deliverables:

  1. Conduct interviews, investigations to effectively analyze, document and diagram existing work processes, both at the intra-division, inter-division and inter-agency level.
  2. Assist in the documentation, cataloging of agency processes to feed into a prioritization matrix that informs the multiyear roadmap, schedule and resource needs.
  3. Design, demo, and assist in deploying workflows that eliminate the government’s need to purchase and use paper and provide useful operations metadata to guide future decisions through a continuous process improvement feedback loop. We use Integrify as our workflow management tool.
  4. Engage the City’s Python User Group Meet Up as a participant, presenter and or facilitator on occasion. Also expected to mentor junior members of the team.

Skill Set Required

Capability > credentials

Familiarity with reading and working with technical documentation

Familiarity with Lean principles

Demonstrated resourcefulness, aptitude for solving problems and troubleshooting

Experience performing business process analysis or documentation as well as exploratory data analysis

Internship Location

Baltimore, MD


Semester: Spring (Feb - May), Summer (Jun - Aug), Fall (Sep - Dec), Winter (Jan), Ongoing
Hours per week: Negotiable
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: Yes

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: November 30, 2018
Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter
Application Instructions

Please send your CV and a brief cover letter demonstrating your fit to


Additional Information

Workplace Environment & Benefits


Cultural: There is a reason that the cultural component of our interview process is weighted so highly against technical interview process. We have a small, but diverse growing and energetic team of outcome-focused, folks that are curious, collaborative and creative. We play well with people who are independent thinkers, have something they are deeply passionate about and who share our intense desire to make government better and more responsive with technology, now. The culture of our office centers around this idea—it is up to us, to harness our networks, skills and familiarity with relevant enterprise and open source technology to make government operation and service delivery faster, less cumbersome and less costly. We want to completely remove paper from government work; the office culture is molded around this idea and identity.  We huddle often, whiteboard freely, run meetups and study groups and are trying to make a better government from the inside-out.


Location: Our office is located downtown within walking distance of the Inner Harbor and the various restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the downtown area and central business district. Not only is it walking distance from the historic Mount Vernon neighborhood, the free Charm City Circulator bus service and bike share stations are just feet from the office allowing staff to freely explore the City.



  • Free coffee & loose leaf Oolong tea
  • Relaxed dress code—yes, its public sector but this position has relaxed professional dress code
  • Investments in academic or training resources for professional skills development and tuition reimbursement for full time employees
  • Free coding lessons and resources for staff interested in Python programming
  • Free lunchtime yoga, Zumba, or kickboxing classes and walking groups
  • Bike room for cyclists


200 Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

About Department of General Services

While our agency is not public facing, it plays an important role in buttressing critical agencies and enabling them to deliver public services effectively. Internally, we have been focused on four overarching activities: 1) transforming the way work government work is done, moving away from paper-dependent work and processes and towards a fully paperless operation, 2) consolidation of the data sets and indicators generated agency wide by the service delivery process to enable management information, dashboards and other insights to be communicated to supervisors when they need them or before they realize the need, 3) beginning the transition in agency operations, where appropriate, from descriptive analysis to predictive analysis for the most important performance indicators, and 4) converting the agency into a training space and incubator for local and national academic institutions, research facilities and relevant organizations providing instruction and consultation in these disciplines for the improvement of government operations.