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Internship Postings

Business Management Intern

Internship Responsibilities

Need business interns who meet these following requirements:

- Ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment

- Work well with all levels of internal management, outside clients and vendors 
- Superb communication skills. 

- Excellent at negotiating and persuading

- Develop and assist in startup strategy 
- Communicate with brands 

- Internal management

- Create a launch event

- Develop a social media marketing plan

Skill Set Required

Applicant must:

  • Be creative, innovative
  • Be able to meet deadlines
  • Work independently and part of small team
  • Be able to work in-person and virtually
  • Have knowledge of business planning / strategy

Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

Business, Communications

Internship Location

Baltimore, MD


Semester: Spring (Feb - May), Summer (Jun - Aug), Fall (Sep - Dec), Winter (Jan), Ongoing
Hours per week: 1-10 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: September 25, 2017
Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter
Application Instructions Interest application should send resumes and brief cover letters to Cover letters can be substituted for a statement of your interest in working with a startup and ideas you have around scaling a startup.

Additional Information

As an intern, what you will get out of the internship?

- Fun startup experience

- Deeper knowledge in business

- Company management experience

- Looks great on resume!

- Potential recruitment on our founding team!


Our working benefits:

- Your voice will be heard

- Your favorite snacks/refreshments 24/7 

- Dinner/bonding nights


420 E 30th street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

About snappDRIVE

snappDRIVE is an emerging startup that will revolutionize the way people connect with cars.


We provide a powerful network of car dealers and individuals interested in leasing their cars and connect them with drivers of all kinds. snappDRIVE gives all people in need of reliable vehicles flexible and affordable rental, car leasing, lease-to-own options. We believe that credit scores and income shouldn’t dictate access to reliable and affordable transportation. We believe in shifting the playing field, creating positive impact, departing from the norm, and changing the world, one person with a car, at a time.

We focus on access, affordability and authenticity.