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Internship Postings

Campaign Intern

Internship Responsibilities

Interns are responsible for external communication. This is done through primarily canvassing, constituent outreach, and event staffing. There are opportunities for policy writing, marketing, and other campaign specific tasks with the appropriate time commitment.

Skill Set Required

Strong communication skills, strong writing skills, industriousness, flexibility

We are looking for people that are passionate about Baltimore and want to get involved with a change!

Internship Location

Baltimore, MD


Semester: Spring (Feb - May), Winter (Jan)
Year: 2019
Hours per week: Anywhere from 5-15+ hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No

Application Requirements

Application Instructions

For those interested in applying to this internship please complete this form.

After the form is submitted, Outreach Coordinator Jessie Koch will be in contact with further directions!


602 N Howard Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

About Thiru for Mayor Baltimore

As mayor, Thiru will lead the charge against crime and corruption. He will give our kids a fair shot, ensuring universal pre-k and free college at any Maryland institution - from private to trade. Thiru will lead the city into a new economy, one that creates new jobs and attracts new industry. One that stimulates growth across the region and one that spends new resources on treating addiction. Our issues in Baltimore are deep rooted and can’t be fixed overnight, but together, we can help Baltimore become the city it’s destined to be.