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Internship Postings

Fund Development Intern

Internship Responsibilities

GSCM has re-imagined its engagement strategies in order to reach and impact young women.  The mission of delivering a girl-led environment to create women of courage, confidence and character remain the same, however.   The Fund Development Intern will work with the Major Gifts Professional and Grant Professional at GSCM to secure support - in kind incentive gifts or monetary donations.  This would include:

1) Visiting local merchants to secure in-kind donations of products or services to be used as appreciation gifts for volunteer mentors.  Linking banner ads on GSCM website to a Girl Scout pillar that recognizes the donation.

2) Applying on websites to national companies (cosmetics, food, etc.) to receive donations of food or give-aways to be provided to volunteers, parents and girls. 

3) Using template donation appeal documents, submit appeals to corporations and small foundations for gifts under $5,000.

4) Assist with upkeep of databases that record appeals, acknowledgement of gifts, and deliverables to donors who require updates on the use of their gift. 

Skill Set Required

Great communication skills - verbal and written.

Good at story-telling and creating visually appealing materials.

Strong interpersonal skills.

Strong command of the English language.

Ability to write narrative and technical documents for submission to potential donors.

Strong research experience using internet-based sources to learn about prospects.

Own transportation

Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

Public Relations, Fundraising, Communications, English, Social Studies, Marketing, Social media

Internship Location

Baltimore, MD


Semester: Fall (Sep - Dec), Winter (Jan), Ongoing
Year: 2018-19
Hours per week: Negotiable
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No
Authorization Requirements: U.S. Citizen/U.S. National

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: August 21, 2020
Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter, References
Application Instructions

Please send cover letter indicating the strengths you would bring to this opportunity, plus your resume to:

Additional Information

This is a great opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals at GSCM.  You will be given opportunity to start or grow your professional network with private for profit companies, as well as from non profit organizations. You will be provided training and mentor-ship to test out a potential career in the non-profit arena with a world-renown organization; and be given the chance to hone your skills in several areas of your interest.  There is the opportunity to be creative in designing collateral materials if that is your interest.  There is opportunity to launch support projects that are theme-oriented, based on your knowledge and skills.   Assisting the staff in motivating the 20,000 Girl Scout members and thanking the 7000 adult volunteers who contribute hundreds of hours each year is a very rewarding experience.  Individuals who have an appreciation of the outdoors, camping, and the environment may experience additional benefit from affiliating with GSCM as an intern.   If certain local travel is undertaken, the ability to receive mileage reimbursement will be discussed.


4806 Seton Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

About Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Inc.

  1. Mission:  The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland adopts and promotes the mission statement of Girl Scouts USA.  “Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.”  The Vision of GSCM is to be the premier leadership experience for girls in the Central Maryland Region.  The Value proposition is that Girl Scouts is where girls find their voices and make them matter. 

  2. History:  The first Girl Scout Troop in the United States was organized in Savannah, Georgia on March 12, 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low.  As the Founder of the Girl Scouts USA, Ms. Low’s mission was to help girls and young women realize their full potential outside of the home.  The Girl Scout program is “fun with purpose,” based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law that generations of girls have followed for 103 years.

  3. Goals:  GSCM operates under a three-year strategic plan with goals and objectives relevant to all girls who live in Central Maryland.   In partnership with committed adults, through the GSCM Leadership Experience, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives – like strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth. 

    The goals for 2015-2018 were established in a strategic plan that promotes movement-wide customer focus.  With the target population of girls in kindergarten through 12th grade, the goals are:

    (a) to empower a culturally diverse population of girls through engagement in a Girl Scout pathway;

    (b) to increase the reach of GSCM’s programs and unique experiences by enrolling an increased number of girls, particularly girls from underserved communities,  as members of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland; and

    (c) to recruit, screen and orient new and existing adult volunteers, who are guided and trained to mentor a culturally diverse Girl Scout population.  

    There are several priority objectives to achieve this goal that are detailed in the GSCM strategic plan, and include Membership; Volunteerism; Engagement; Funding; and Technology.