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Internship Postings

Marketing Specialist / Brand Ambassador

Internship Responsibilities

OrderUp Brand Ambassadors are passionate about OrderUp and want to share that passion with fellow students, local businesses and complete strangers. Their main goals are to  increase brand awareness through events, guerilla marketing, and other creative avenues. This position will combine Sales and Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Program Oversight and Execution.


 Execute guerilla marketing techniques to acquire users, visibility and traffic

 Assist in establishing local partnerships with campuses, events, businesses, and brands

 Be able to think outside-the-box and brainstorm locally relevant marketing initiatives; 

including all aspect of pre-production, event execution, and post-event follow-up

 Experiment and come up with new and alternative ways to leverage local events and 

guerrilla marketing opportunities

 Leverage local network and knowledge to enhance marketing tactics

Skill Set Required

 High-energy and outgoing personality

 100% comfortable putting yourself out there and talking to customers

 Ability to work full season or semester is preferred

 Literate in Microsoft Office, various social media platforms

Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

Business Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, Mass Communications

Internship Location

Baltimore + Towson, MD


Semester: Spring (Feb - May), Summer (Jun - Aug), Fall (Sep - Dec), Winter (Jan), Ongoing
Year: 2017
Hours per week: 10-20 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: Yes

Application Requirements

Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter
Application Instructions

Email your resume and cover letter to 


2400 Boston Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

About OrderUp

OrderUp is a local service serving Greater Baltimore that specializes in nontraditional food delivery. We have over 350 partner restaurants in the area and use uber-like technology to deliver the undeliverable.