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Internship Postings

Post 114/Market Center Coalition Project Assistant

Internship Responsibilities

Work Objectives

The Project Assistant will assist the Executive Director in carrying out the work of the Post 114/Market Center Coalition, work closely with the Post 114 Leadership Team and Action Committees to advance and coordinate their work, follow up on key tasks, and help strengthen strategic partnerships. The Project Assistant will report to the MCMA Executive Director.


Partial List of Duties

The Project Assistant will:


  1. Provide administrative support, including scheduling meetings, taking notes, and maintaining contact lists;
  2. Assist in developing and tracking metrics;
  3. Assist in developing and implementing communication strategy;
  4. Assist in assessing initiative strengths, weaknesses, successes, and opportunities for improvement; and
  5. Liaise with a diverse cross-section of people involved in critical community building work in downtown Baltimore, including public, private, institutional, and civic leaders.


Skill Set Required

Experience and Skills Required

We are looking for someone with education and/or experience in one or more of the following areas: planning, community building/organizing, social work, equitable economic development, public health, or related fields. Candidates should have strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to build and maintain relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. S/he must be entrepreneurial, energetic, organized, and able to work independently after receiving direction. All work will be remote, so candidates should have access to their own computer and be comfortable with (or able to learn to use) Zoom and Google Drive.


Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

planning, community building/organizing, social work, equitable economic development, public health, or related fields

Internship Location



Semester: Spring (Feb - May)
Year: 2021
Hours per week: 10-20 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No
Authorization Requirements: U.S. Citizen/U.S. National, Permanent U.S. Resident

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: February 8, 2021
Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter
Application Instructions

Please submit resume and cover letter to: Jason Sullivan, board member, Market Center Merchants Association, Inc. at

Additional Information

The Market Center Merchants Association (MCMA) seeks an intern to assist in administering an innovative, multidimensional, collaborative initiative to improve public health, safety, and wellbeing in Market Center. The initiative is known as the Post 114/Market Center Coalition (“Post 114”).  This project is an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary major students who are interested in working at the intersection of equitable economic and community development, public health, and public safety.



Comprised of 100+ public, private, nonprofit, and institutional stakeholders, Post 114 pursues community solutions to matters of broken social and physical infrastructure and adheres to the following guiding principles:


  1. HOLISTIC – Work on multiple issues (safety, cleanliness, opioid dealing, business development, etc.) at the same time by partnering with organizations from different sectors with different levels of expertise.
  2. COMPASSIONATE – Act with compassion, treat people fairly and justly, focus on solving the issues not attacking people.
  3. EFFECTIVE – focus on real life results and impact, identify what works and what doesn’t, learn and adapt, provide adequate resources and people to address the issue.
  4. SUSTAINABLE – Improvements must take root and last beyond the construction and opening of Lexington Market.
  5. ACCOUNTABLE – All partners, including community members, are responsible for making Lexington Market a safe, welcoming, family friendly destination.
  6. INCLUSIVE – Diversity is valued, and people of all backgrounds are part of the decision-making process. 


Post 114 includes the full coalition, a Leadership Team, and Six Action Committees: Baltimore Police Department, Behavioral Health, Transit, Appearance & Cleanliness, Business Health, and Partner Connections. The Leadership Team is comprised of (LIST ORGANIZATIONS ONLY?). 


While the Market Center Merchants Association (MCMA) currently provides staff support to Post 114, the Leadership Team recognizes the need for wholly dedicated staff to further its work through enhanced communication, information sharing, transparency, and organization. The Project Assistant will play an integral role in moving Post 114’s work forward.


Lexington Market
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

About Market Center Merchants Association

Established in 1983, MCMA’s mission as a business league is to support commerce, retain and recruit businesses, and improve the customer and residential experience. MCMA is a 501(c)6 non profit organization, funded through fees generated by the city’s Retail Business District License (RBDL) program, in which all ground floor business establishments must pay for an annual license (20 cents per square foot).