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Internship Postings

Product development internship positions (WJ-1901 and WJ-1902)

Internship Responsibilities

This internship program ensures bringing you a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience in both business operation and industry projects. In the mean time we fully expect your contribution of fresh perspective that in turn will further benefit our customers.

W&J PharmaChem, Inc. aspires the highest professional standards and embraces the idea of sustainable chemistry- the “green chemistry”. Catalysts or catalytic processes play a key role in the realm of green chemistry to offer greater efficiency and effectiveness by generating less wastes. It is therefore our interest to research and develop catalytical systems for useful applications in chemistry and pharmaceutical research. This type of projects are benefited from and bordered on our experience and synthetic knowledge of certain structural series. The student(s) will have the opportunity to further explore, exploit and advance the projects, in which your knowledge of chemistry and lab skills will be fully put at work.

On the business side, we encourage student(s) to explore the operational process and get bigger pictures of the business on how product/service may benefit the research community. In doing so, student may have the opportunity to communicate with customers directly.

Skill Set Required

Here are some expectations:

  • Work closely with the mentor (s) on company-wide deliverables by understanding projects at a high level without losing sight of granular details
  • Assist us with the preparation of related deliverables
  • Assist with the promotional efforts around our product, which include familiarizing and maintaining a current web-based product list and database input.
  • Learn and understand the competitive landscape for W&J’s products.
  • Field questions about product from potential partners, assist with partner engagement activities such as product demonstrations and training/bootcamps.
  • Under the guidance of mentor, develop a project plan and order necessary materials for execution.
  • Under the supervision of mentor, execute the plan which also include material purification and identification by spectroscopic methods.
  • Develop product related literature, presentations, videos, demonstrations & fact sheets, project summary reports, as appropriate.

o Junior or Senior currently enrolled in college pursuing a degree in one of the following: chemistry, chemical engineering, food science, biochemistry, etc.
o Current GPA of 3.0 or higher are preferred.

o Strong attention to detail
o Strong communication skills; able to clearly and concisely express information (or data) to non-technical associates, peers and management
o Strong aptitude or interest in business process
o Aptitude to learn and work with multiple tasks
o Chemdraw program knowledge

o Microsoft suite knowledge (Excel, PPT, Word...)
o Ability to prioritize and multitask - flexibility to adjust and thrive in an environment with changing requirements, schedules and priorities for projects or assignments
o Reliability
o Ability to work approximately ~20-30 hours per week (up to 40) during the semester*



  • Chemistry lab or research experience (Preferred)

Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

chemistry or biochemistry

Internship Location

Laurel, MD


Semester: Summer (Jun - Aug)
Year: 2019
Hours per week: 10-20 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: Yes

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: May 10, 2019
Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter, References
Application Instructions

Please submit your application materials to the following email:


8740-unit 21, Cherry Lane
Laurel, Maryland 20707

About W&J PharmaChem, Inc.

W&J PharmaChem, Inc. ( is a chemical company to provide versatile and useful chemicals and lab materials to support basic research in life sciences.

We also provide synthetic chemistry platform and expertise on design and execution of molecular modality capable of targeting enzymes and receptors in various biological processes, as well as other applications.