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Internship Postings

Social Media Assistant

Internship Responsibilities

We are looking for someone to help with scheduling, posting and creating social media posts for our Facebook, IG, Twitter accounts.  

Skill Set Required

We are searching for a person who will be enthusiastic about our mission and possess excellent writing and communication skills.  You must be familiar with posting on FB, IG and Twitter.  Knowledge of Social Media analytics would be a plus.

Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)

Marketing or related major

Internship Location

Baltimore, MD


Semester: Fall (Sep - Dec)
Year: 2021
Hours per week: 1-10 hours
Workdays: Flexible
Pay: No

Application Requirements

Required Documentation: Resume, Writing Sample
Application Instructions Please email your info to:

Additional Information

We are a small, but rapidly growing non-profit.  This will start as a non-paid position, but we are open to making this into a paid position in the future.  This intern will get real-life, hands-on experience working directly with the Marketing Director and Executive Director.  Our interns have been hired at top Ad Agencies in Baltimore and have not only enjoyed the experience but have found this a valuable addition to their resume.


8 Reservoir Circle, Suite 203
Baltimore, Maryland 21208

About Erin Levitas Foundation

The Erin Levitas Foundation prevents sexual assault through early education.

When Erin Michele Levitas was 19, she was raped by someone she knew. 

As she processed and dealt with the pain and anguish from what happened, she made a decision: After college, she planned to attend law school and become an advocate for survivors of sexual assault.

Unfortunately, a cancer diagnosis upended Levitas’ plans and in January 2016, at just 22 years old, Erin left this world too soon.

Erin knew her assailant. She believed—and the Foundation believes—that early education is key. We know that sexual harassment is highest among middle school students. By high school, sexual harassment diminishes, but the incidence of rape and sexual assault increases.

Our mission: To educate youth and their caregivers and teachers about boundaries, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, and restorative approaches, with the ultimate goal of ending sexual violence.

If we can stop sexual harassment early, we can reduce sexual assault and rape.