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Liz Tran Intern
"Be open-minded, learn to work in teams, and make and cultivate connections."
Liz Tran
Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Liz's Story

Where passion meets service in the Governor’s Office. 

Notre Dame of Maryland University junior Liz Tran has always been passionate about service, volunteer work, and civic engagement. She knew the perfect internship for her was in the Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism, through the Governor’s Summer Internship Program. This highly competitive internship is one of four summer programs through the Walter Sondheim Jr. Public Service Scholars initiative in UMBC’s Shriver Center, attracting the best and brightest in Maryland.

There was never a dull moment as Liz worked on a variety of projects from supporting the Baltimore Raven’s community relations to planning the volunteer appreciation day for the State Fair. One of her favorite projects from the summer was the Governor’s Service Awards, where she gathered, organized, and prepared all of the materials for the awards. This project was personal for Liz. The year before, one of her mentors, Melissa Lees, the Campus Ministry and Service Director for Notre Dame of Maryland, received this great honor for service-learning.

“This summer, I learned all the quirks and detailed work that must happen for Maryland to be the great state that it is,” said Liz about working side by side the Governor’s staff and State Commissioners.  This experience confirmed her plans to work in the nonprofit sector.  “I liked being involved in the behind-the-scenes action and gaining new perspectives about the nonprofit sector.”

Liz has advice for college students in a competitive internship program: “be open-minded, learn to work in teams, and make and cultivate connections.”  She plans to make Baltimore her first choice city when she looks for jobs after graduation, citing the bustling job market for young professionals as one of the reasons why she wants to stay.

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