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Mai Huong
"My internship helped me become more organized and well-prepared and it strengthened my cultural perspective in art."
Mai Huong
Pixilated Photo Booth

Mai's Story

Internship Site: Pixilated Photo Booth

Mai Huong interned at Baltimore-based Pixilated Photo Booth, a company that creates celebration videos for special events.  Mai interned over the summer of 2014 and found her position through resources at UMBC.  Mai says her internship experience helped her be “more organized and well-prepared and it strengthened my cultural perspective in art.”

During her internship, Mai’s supervisors were supportive and allowed her to use her own ideas, skills, and talents to create new ways to edit Pixilation Videos for clients such as Potomac River Running, Leidos, DC United, A9, and various wedding events. Mai’s day-to-day tasks consisted of organizing the files and contracts, creating an on-going Pixilated Photo collage, and updating and inputting clients and local businesses information into a server.  Mai’s hard work and dedication gave her the opportunity to expand the scope of her responsibilities.

Mai’s ultimate goal is to become an art teacher.  She plans to stay in Baltimore and complete a master’s of education in fine arts; she hopes to one day be able to use art to help encourage young children and teenagers to transform their lives and communities through art.  She has already connected with some great local schools in Baltimore including Benjamin Franklin High School, Digital Harbor High School, and Arbutus Middle School.  She’s seen the impact of art in students’ lives and it has inspired her.  Her internship at Pixilated Photo Booth prepared her for her ultimate career as an art teacher, where she wants to use art “to create social awareness and responsibility among young children.”