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  • Johns Hopkins University
    Shuttle Stop 410Stop 410 Johns Hopkins University - N. Charles St. at Charles Commons (just north of 33rd St) (Northbound)
    Stop 409 Johns Hopkins University - St. Paul St. (in front of Barnes & Noble) (Southbound)
  • Kenilworth
    Stop 417 Colony Apartment Grounds at West Rd. (across from BMW Dealership) (Sundays Only)
  • Notre Dame of MD University
    NDM stop 412 Stop 412 Notre Dame of MD University - Charles St @ Main Entrance (Northbound)
    Stop 411 Notre Dame of MD University - Charles St @ Homeland (Southbound) 
  • Penn Station
    Penn stop 408 Stop 408 Penn Station @ St. Paul (Northbound)
  • Towson Place Shopping Center
    Stop 418 Towson Place Shopping Center - Goucher Blvd near Prince Rd @ MTA Stop (Courthouse Square Apts side) (Sundays Only)
  • Towson Town Center
    Towson Town Center Shuttle StopStop 416 Towson Town Center - Dulaney Valley/Macy's
  • Towson University
    Towson University 413Stop 414 Towson University - Cross Campus Dr @ Fine Arts Bldg (Northbound)
    Towson University Shuttle Stop Stop 413 Towson University - Cross Campus Dr @ Union Garage (Southbound)