Portrait of person sitting on structure beam of bridge in Baltimore.
Declan McKenna MICA / Undergraduate, Animation Design / Marin County, CA

I love being a college student in Baltimore. This is a city where I can have fun, explore and make something for myself.”

Declan McKenna
Portrait of person sitting on structure beam of bridge in Baltimore.
MICA / Undergraduate, Animation Design / Marin County, CA




People sit at a table outside at a restaurant while another person, standing, talks to them.

Find Something To Munch On

From new twists on Chesapeake Bay classics to locally sourced Black-owned vegan cuisine, dining in Baltimore is always fresh and inspired. In every neighborhood, you can find affordable menus that are both mouth-watering and photo-worthy. 



Photo taken at night of people sitting on a lawn and watching a performance in a city.

Spend The Day Out And About

Whether you’re an amateur naturalist, sports fanatic, art enthusiast, or cultural aficionado, you’ll find countless ways to indulge your passion for the great outdoors, sports, art, and entertainment in and around Baltimore.



Person walks down stairs of row homes with coffee in hand as another person passes by on a bike.

Discover New Finds And Treasures

Everything you need plus things you didn’t know you’d love - from thrift store treasures to high-end malls. Baltimore offers great shopping year-round, with unique browsing experiences in one-of-a-kind neighborhoods. 


Home to 120,000 students, Baltimore is a vibrant, energetic college town with big city amenities and small town charm. This is where talents are honed, careers are launched, and people and ideas come together. Explore the opportunities Baltimore Collegetown has to offer. 

Side view of person sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen with a piano keyboard in front of them.


MICA is deliberately cultivating a new generation of artists and designers who possess both creative and critical thought processes and are capable of seamlessly integrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative citizenship with contemporary approaches to art, design, and media. We understand that being a creative today is vastly different than it was even a decade ago, and that our students have more options to apply their skills to nontraditional fields.


MICA offers entrepreneurial programs allowing students to gain experience in the skills necessary to become business owners. 

Equity & Sustainability

MICA is creating curricular pathways designed to empower students to make a more equitable and sustainable world, with a major in Ecosystems, Sustainability, and Justice. 

Cross-disciplinary Collaborations

Opportunities at MICA include collaborative projects that prepare students to work across fields.