Portrait of person standing in front of a colorful graphic mural.
Haleemat Adekoya UMBC / Undergraduate, Political Science / Baltimore County

I'm a firm believer that it's important to romanticize your city, especially Baltimore City because it's home. And there's no place like home. It's colorful, lively, noisy, but adventurous and it's filled with love and made with love.”

Haleemat Adekoya
Portrait of person standing in front of a colorful graphic mural.
UMBC / Undergraduate, Political Science / Baltimore County




Four people standing in the Baltimore Inner Harbor and eating Rita's Italian ice.

Find Something To Munch On

From new twists on Chesapeake Bay classics to locally sourced Black-owned vegan cuisine, dining in Baltimore is always fresh and inspired. In every neighborhood, you can find affordable menus that are both mouth-watering and photo-worthy. 



Three people walk down the city walk in a suburban main street.

Spend The Day Out And About

Whether you’re an amateur naturalist, sports fanatic, art enthusiast, or cultural aficionado, you’ll find countless ways to indulge your passion for the great outdoors, sports, art, and entertainment in and around Baltimore. 



A bridge painted with "Ellicott City"

Discover New Finds And Treasures

Everything you need plus things you didn’t know you’d love - from thrift store treasures to high-end malls. Baltimore offers great shopping year-round, with unique browsing experiences in one-of-a-kind neighborhoods. 


Home to 120,000 students, Baltimore is a vibrant, energetic college town with big city amenities and small town charm. This is where talents are honed, careers are launched, and people and ideas come together. Explore the opportunities Baltimore Collegetown has to offer. 

Person writes on white board.


Students come here with the why that drives them and UMBC gives them the how to succeed, through intentional faculty mentorship, robust student support services, and a community eager to learn together. Our alumni go on to succeed in almost every arena, breaking barriers and opening doors to fellow Retrievers in science, technology, the arts and humanities, and beyond.

Inclusive Culture

UMBC welcomes inquisitive minds from all backgrounds and doesn’t shy away from ideas and ideals as we strive to redefine excellence in higher education.

Civic Engagement

At UMBC, we believe that students can generate the power to shape their world, working together to co-create healthy communities and tackle challenges together.

Undergraduate Research

Research enhances our students’ readiness for graduate school and careers and spark a student’s lifelong interest in interdisciplinary learning.